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Caution Moving Parts Keep Hands Clear Safety Label

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Description: Machinery Safety Label & Message
Language: English Graphic Symbols & Text
Material: High Performance SAV / High Performance UV Overlaminate
Conforms with: EN7010 Safety Signs Standard

Machinery or equipment used to process raw materials into finished products have potential hazards associated with their use or service. Cutting knives, moving parts or rollers, entanglement hazards or laser burns. Placing Machinery Caution Label warnings on your equipment that properly identify such hazards, and how to avoid them, is essential to protecting people from harm and injury.

This label is manufactured from premium High Performance Self Adhesive Vinyl giving outstanding adhesion and durability.

Safety comes first when using labels.

Safety Labels used for machinery hazards, detailing the hazard, the consequence of interaction with the hazard, and how to avoid the hazard.

High Performance Self Adhesive Vinyl and UV Laminate.

Label is formatted to EN7010 Standard.

Area of Use
For long term labelling applications, markings and identifications.

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